Flag Salute & Invocation by Steve White

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Tresha’s mom Linda and niece Desiree, Christine's son Jonah. 

Committees will be up and running soon, we’ll have a club assembly late in September

Tonja reminded us about fellowship event Jan 20 MBTRain - a live tribute to the Beatles.  It will be an amazing show.  Dinner beforehand.  Deadline for sign-up and purchase mid-September.

Next week, on Tuesday Sept 2, Bob Becker will be auctioning his beachfront condo in Lahaina, Maui (Dec. 7-14) to the highest bidder, $ will be contributed to the foundation, next week.  DETAILS:  "Enjoy a week of warm sunshine with walks on the beach and world class snorkeling at your doorstep.  Your winning bid will be your contribution to our Bellingham Bay Rotary Foundation.  Your gift will never be touched and will produce future earnings that will support the programs and projects of people in need. In the meantime, you will enjoy a holiday season getaway in Hawaii, in an ocean front condo, December 7 – 14, compliments of Bob and Diane Becker.  In addition, two club members will provide a $150 dinner gift certificate for an evening at the beautiful Kimo’s Restaurant in Lahaina, Maui."

Bob Moles had short report on last month’s board meeting.  Our monthly meeting is open to all, and always takes place the second Thursday of the month, 4:30pm, at Talbot offices.  Some items: We agreed $1500 to Golfun / Polio Plus effort,  $600 to Viking night event.  Also we adopted a new manual of policies and procedures, which for ex. has details on how the charitable giving committee will work vs. major gifts, vs. scholarships, etc.  Also it designates that 10% of our event fundraising revenues will go to the International Committee, and another 10% will automatically go to our BBRC Foundation.  The manual of policies also cover our guidelines for tip giving / bonuses for staff at Northwood Hall.  
Bucks in the Bay
• Bill Geyer plug for upcoming Northwest Business Club presentation (8pm Thur Aug 29 at MBT) by Bill Whittle;
• Chuck Walter for birth of first grandchild, also recommends driving the historic route 66;
• Dannon happy 4th wedding anniversary!
• Curt Smith welcome to Tresha’s mother who once worked for Curt;
• Steve White for 50th high school reunion;
• Bill Gorman was at Golffun last weekend, alo did a KGMI how this weekend for his show "Whatcom Report" interview members of Rotary and the YES program, available by podcast HERE;
• Curtis Dye wedding anniversary in Seattle;
• Tonja welcomed a new granddaughter (her second) on Saturday;
• Mimi Ferlin trip up past Desolation Sound, gorgeous!
• Tim Krell recommends bicycle tour of breweries in Vancouver;
• Mike Hammes attended two funerals, plus big kudos to ADI;

Sergeant at Arms by Bill Boyd
Fines for Rotary pins, no happy bucks, Facebookers, new turf at 49er’s field, ALS challenge, trivia on social media!

Dannon introduced Michael Boczek, President and CEO of Descartes Biometrics, Inc.
Michael talked about his company and its work in biometric identity and access technology.
He left Oracle Corp. in 2011, moved from Bay area back to the Pacific NW.
Device security was an important issue that interested him and that is why he started the company.
Tagline is “Identity Matters”.
First product, ERGO, is ear-recognition software for the Android smartphone.
OATH, is a tablet product for hand recognition.
HELIX, also identifies a user from his or her unique ear features.
Smartphone security is lacking.  So Descartes developed a range of products that address the security access issue.
Industry statistics.
Biometric authentication is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control.
Types of biometric identification? Oder, blood, DNA, voice, fingerprint, eye retina, and… ear.  
Ear is unique to everyone, and identifying oneself is non-distractive. 
About the company: Small, young and local.  Port of Bellingham building.  

Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot