Flag Salute & Invocation by Bill Geyer
Visiting Rotarians: Julie Johanson, Bill and Carolyn Meub (exec. director Pure Water), 
Guests: Michael Reams and his partner Katie, Jill’s guest Silvia, and Stowe’s son Remy.
Jeff Clement has been approved for membership.  Jeff owns Hemisphere Solutions, a local information technology consulting company.  His sponsor is Eddie Hansen and his classification will be IT Consulting. 
Two resignations:  Miked Kirkland and George Bowen (moved to Montana).
New Member Induction: Bob Becker introduced Michael Reams (Northwest Real Estate Investments).  He was born in Toledo, OH , has a degree in geology from Colorado, moved to Bellingham last year, and loves to sail.  He is excited to be a member of the club.  Tim Krell and ? are Michael's mentors.  Brent Walker did the honors.  
Carolyn Meub gave update on Pure Water.  Their main work is in Haiti and Honduras.  There is a waiting list (for filters) in 70 communities in those two countries.  95% of the water filters installed are still in use, and the users know when and how to clean the filters.  It is hard to imagine life without access to clean water.  She thanked us all our work over the years contributing to this program.  
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bill Geyer climbed part way up Mount Baker this past weekend, and related a story about a recent burglary (averted) on South Hill;
  • Glenn Groenig complimented Steve and Terry on a fantastic Brewers;
  • Donna Edquist thanked people for Brewers;
  • Mike Werner’s 16 year old son is sailing in junior nationals in Traverse City, MI!
  • Steve Kimberly successful fishing in Alaska;
  • Bill Gorman remembers trip to Honduras with 16 year old son a few years ago for Pure Water, also plug for us to use District 5050’s new networking site http://rotarynetworkingplus.com.
  • Tim Krell fun biking in Seattle during Seafair weekend;
  • Mark Turner missed meeting studying photo marketing on Vancouver Island last week, his new studio is up and running, and next week he will be teaching photography in Pennsylvania;
  • Kendall helped out with Bainbridge Island Rotary’s recent fundraiser (auction / garage sale) where over $466K was raised, also she has season Seahawks tickets if anyone interested in a game or two;
  • Christine update on Nauti Girl trademark issue, talked about Brewers and Pure Water on the radio, good Nauti Girl coverage on King 5 news recently, 
  • Mimi thanked everyone for Brewers, especially those who worked the grill, memory of Dennis;
Sergeant at Arms by Barry Kramer
Fines for Christine, no fine for Pete Charron, Cougar fans, teased Michael Reams on his age, Dave Ennen for his sons’ successes, trivia on Marilyn Monroe.
Dannon introduced Oona Sherman,  director of training at The Upfront Theater.  She has a BA from University of California Santa Cruz, and a Master of Arts from Antioch University.  
The Upfront Theater is a cabaret style venue that offers live improv comedy every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. For almost a decade The Upfront has performed and taught many unique styles and formats of improvisation.
Oona talked about using improvisation techniques to improve learning and the ability to work collaboratively. 
Two main tenants of improvisation:  
  1. say yes to everything that happens, to all offers.  
  2. failure is a necessity for creative growth; 
Using these two premises takes the pressure off all the performers.  
Oona talked about how work can become enjoyable play (play as defined as something that has its own set of rules, with a beginning and end).  
She demonstrated how body language can designate high status and low status (how you hold your body, and eye contact).
for example, in replying to a proposal, practice saying this:
"yes but…" (which is slower, and harder)
"yes and…" (which turns out to be much easier)
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot