Flag Salute & Invocation by Paul Twedt
Visiting Rotarians: Phillys & Homer Todd (Spokane), Laurie Michelle Levitz (Monday Club).
Guests: Mimi’s guest Michael Boczek.
Glendine volunteered to be in charge of writing proposals for RI grants; thanks Glendine!
Community Projects Committee will meet after lunch on 16th to discuss size of our club - all are welcome.
Tonja reminded us about fellowship event Jan 20 at MBT:  Rain - a live Beatles tribute show.  Preceded by dinner at the Table.  Deadline for purchase mid-September.  Please put this on your calendar!
Bob Becker auctioned his condo to highest bidder, with the proceeds going to the BBRC foundation.  Won by Stowe for $1400!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Mark Turner invited everyone to the open house opening of his new studio on the afternoon of Friday Sept 12th, address 4286 Winn Rd;
  • Rod Bring anniversary;
  • Harte went to Pacific Raceways to race his car at speeds up to 135mph!
  • Frank Chmelik 30 year wedding anniversary;
  • Andy Clay's granddaughter got married!
  • Marilyn Olsen proud of granddaughter featured in an advertisement!
  • Patty Leach going to Sierras this week, and then returning for the opening of Whatcom Museum's next show celebrating NW Crafstmen opening next week on 13 Sept.
  • Mimi’s son got married Saturday!
  • John Templeton ran ad in Sunday's paper, proud that grandson started school;
  • Sue Sharpe conducted part two of daughter’s wedding last weekend, other daughter is coming back to Bellingham soon from KY;
  • Terri’s mom turning 80 soon, celebrating next Sunday at noon;
  • Steve Kimberly volunteered this morning at school;
  • John Sleeth 49th wedding anniversary;
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie Hansen
Trivia on labor day facts (since 1882 in Oregon) etc.
Dannon introduced Karen Burke, Director of DVSAS (http://www.dvsas.org), established in 1979.  Karen formerly worked with the Lummi Nation in several of their departments.
Karen talked about their “Renewed Hope Capital Campaign”.  BBRC has contributed to this project.  The project is about remodeling their office building, over 2 phases.  The project is both about preserving history of the building AND providing enhanced services to their clients.  DVSAS is located in the Douglas Building at corner of Magnolia/Champion Streets, and they own the whole triangular building there.  Formerly home of Bellingham Herald (1909 - 1927) until the Herald built their own building.  DVSAS purchased the building in 1988, and it was last remodeled then.  The remodel will deal with privacy and soundproofing issues, ADA compliance, etc.  Phase one will be starting soon (waiting room, new offices and upgraded bathrooms).  The first floor of the building is rented out and the income is used to fund the organization. 
DVSAS services include:
  • 24-Hour confidential hotline
  • Support Groups
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Ongoing Advocacy
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Medical Advocacy
  • Social Service Advocacy 
  • Education and training, for both schools and business organizations.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot