Flag Salute & Invocation by Kendall Olson
Visiting Rotarians:  None
Guests:  Josh Barrett (Lance’s guest), Jeninne Duncan (Sarah’s guest), Michael Boczek (Bob Becker’s guest).
See committee assignments, we’ll have a club assembly next week.
Short program:  Terry Brown update on current board activities.  We meet second Tuesday every month at Barkley Company office.  All are welcome.  We discuss finances and get an update from each of the committee chairs.  President Bob is making effort to keep most work at the committee level; the board will focus on policy, strategic goals, budget, etc.
September Student of the Month.  Mike Bates introduced our very impressive SOM, Tim Lann.  He is the top student in his senior class at Squalicum HS, participates in sports, is accomplished at several musical instruments, actively volunteers (2200 service hours and counting), and has taken 17 AP classes.  An early influence for him was a two-week service mission at a Mexican orphanage.  Later back in Bellingham he decided to form his own 501c3 non-profit (to raise money for Habitat for Humanity?).  His plans for next year?  He would like to go to college on the East Coast, maybe at an Ivy League college.  His parents are Mark and Heidi Lann.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon for recent twins’ birthday (5 sets at the party)!
  • Eddie thanks Bryant for the amazing Rotario dinner Sunday night;
  • Lance for 8 year wedding anniversary;
  • Sarah Rothenbuhler plug for Demo Days at Birch Equipment this weekend - fun for while family, and plug for upcoming Rotario dinners;
  • Scot Swanson said the dedication ceremony for the new “Harrington Field” soccer stadium at WWU will be formally dedicated this Saturday at 6:40pm, 7pm kick-off;
  • Aaron Lemperes for birthdays and a new baby!
  • Bill Geyer attended the District Leadership Conference last weekend, and he reminded us that we can leverage our fundraising dollars with District and RI matching funds ($8k will be leveraged up to $30K!);
  • Tim Krell first son’s birthday;
  • Dick Stark went to Seahawks game, kudos to entire Lann family;
  • Mimi for Seahawks;
  • Kendall Olson is now BLOND! She had birthday, 1 yr wedding anniversary, and is the #1 new rep for her company!
  • Curtis Dye: excavation started on his new house!
  • Jim Haupt recently went on amazing trip to Tuscany (don’t try to drive in the Italians cities!).
Sergeant at Arms by Glen Groenig
Fines for Seahawks fans, Tony Freeland, Tim Lann (charter member of our club), Kendall, John Sleeth, Steve and Chris White, trivia.
Bill Gorman introduced Richard Jefferson, president of the Lummi Commercial Company (LCC).  Richard started working with the Lummi Tribe 20 years ago as director of public works.  He has two boys in college now, both are baseball pitchers.
Lummi Commercial Company’s mission is to expand and diversify the local Lummi economy.
Lummi refer to themselves as “Lhaq ‘temish" people.
Reef netting has always been key to their way of life.
In 1855 the Treaty of Point Elliott was signed between the US and Indian Nations, guaranteeing both fishing rights and defining the reservations.
The Lummi Nation governs its own affairs:  investing in education and training, developing their economy, and holding true to their values. 
There are 5,000 registered tribal members, 60% live on the reservation, and there are 16,000 people in the “service population” (includes non-tribal members such as children and dependents).
Lummi Nation is one of largest employers in Whatcom County, donates $60,000 annually to local charities.
LCC oversees commercial enterprises such as Fisherman's Cove, the Casino etc.
The casino ended up being very positive addition for the tribe, but it is not without some negatives.
LCC’s newest initiatives:
  1. Development of a new “working boat” marina at Fisherman’s Cove, which would be the home port for Puget Sound’s largest fishing fleet.  Problems with eel grass as herring spawning site, so the plan now is to build a less environmentally disruptive “floating attenuator/breakwater” (which would be the largest floating breakwater in the world); 
  2. Slater road / I-5 development:  This 80-acre parcel was originally purchased a couple years ago as a defensive move to prevent Nooksack Tribe from acquiring it as possible site for their casino. Ultimately, LCC is now working to get approval to develop it commercially with uses such as retail, hospitality, and even tribal hospital.  To improve traffic infrastructure there, they want to build a 5-arm roundabout (Slater & westside on/off ramps).
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot