Flag Salute & Invocation by Pete Charron
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Michael Boczek, Curtis Dye’s guest Herm Laninga, Lance’s guest Josh Barrett (Wells Fargo advisor), Chris White’s guest Scott Walker.
See committee assignments, we’ll have a club assembly later in September.
Tonja says 6 spots still available for the fellowship event Jan 20 MBT:  Rain (live Beatles tribute band), plus dinner at Table.
This Thursday BBRC board meeting 4:00pm (NOT 4:30 PM!) at Talbot office, all are welcome.
An ad-hoc sub-committee (under the Membership Committee) is meeting to discuss the size of membership of the club.
Bob Yost and Kathy Cheldelin have announced their resignations. 
Short program:  Tresha and Christine discussed the Grape & Gourmet fundraiser event, which will be held at the Silver Reef Casino on Nov. 2 (Sunday night).  Tickets are $75 for regular entry, or $125 for VIP early-entry.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Eddie for successful party last weekend, thanks to Anna for her help, cops only came twice about the noise;
  • Tim Krell says Eddie threw quite the loud party;
  • Bill Geyer for yesterday’s City Council meeting;
  • Lance son went to kindergarten, start of youth soccer season!
  • Donna gave $100 to BBRC foundation, for 40th class reunion, daughter tuned 21, today is Donna’s birthday!
  • Tonja Myers mom turned 80 last weekend, big party;
  • Margarita daughter married last weekend, stressful but successful wedding;
  • John Templeton;
  • Tresha Dutton;
  • Brent Walker two glorious weeks on his boat;
  • Barry Kramer four days in Whistler, great time there with his kids;
  • Bryant successful office move to Barkley (top floor of Dorothy Haggen Building), and  attended Eddie’s crazy party;
  • Phil X Hageman working on Food Bank project, pouring concrete as we meet;
  • Scotty missed meeting;
Sergeant at Arms by Flo Simon
Fines for the Johnny’s Donut 1K run, Bill Geyer, Phil spilled ice, and Eddie as former cheerleader.  And a moment of silence to remember fallen officer Matt Herzog (September 2001), and victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks.
Dannon introduced County Executive Jack Loews.  Jack was elected in 2011 for a 4 year term.  Previously he had chaired numerous boards and councils.  His father was also County Executive.  His business is Louws Truss - now in third generation.
County Update:
Working with annual budget of $175M, which has been relatively stable over the past decade. 
26% is General Government (County Assessor, Auditor, Executive, Council, Courts, Treasurer)
23% is Security of Persons & Property (Planning and Development, Jail, Juvenile, Sheriff)
17% is Public Works
Overall, the County budget is healthy, because economy is recovering (tax base up) and the council has been good at holding expenses down.  
County has hired a 4th superior court judge, and that comes with major remodel in courthouse.  A new records management system was installed in the Sheriff’s office and upwards of 500 computers within county government were upgraded. Also they will be installing a new county telephone/communications system ($2M).
  • Supervise all administrative offices and executive departments
  • Enforce all ordinances and State statutes within the County
  • Estimate quarterly and annual revenues; recommends annual budget to County Council; monitors expenses to assure budget compliance
  • Appoint members to boards and commissions
  • Respond to citizen concerns, complaints and requests
  • Represent Whatcom County at local, regional, state and federal levels 
Some of his initiatives for next year:
  1. A new Whatcom County website platform: this web interface will go online by next spring, that includes geographical overlays, etc.  Very powerful tools will be there online.
  2. More efficient at permit center - a new records management system for PDS and Public Works,;
  3. Criminal justice department will also be getting an integrated database system;
  4. Water resources planning and monitoring will be a priority, in-stream flows on Nooksack River (the start of a 20 year process) - water is the number one challenge in the county;
  5. Next August the County may be asking for a higher sales tax, partially to cover cost of a new correctional facility (jail) approx. cost $110.  
  6. Also, renovation of the Courthouse exterior, a renewed focus on Economic Development opportunities, and the upgrading of the audio/visual capabilities in the council chambers.
Debbie K wins the raffle.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot