Flag Salute & Invocation by Steve Brummel
Visiting Rotarians: Bud Peth from the Big Club, Tom Myers from CA.
Guests:  Dannon’s guest Heather Wolf and coworkers; Tresha brought her mom; Margarita brought her son Artur; and Bob Bray.
  • Donna thanked everyone for a great Brewers. Recap of event: Very organized, great weather, super successful! 1400 participants and raised $32,000 gross, Bryant brought over 100 alone!  thanks Stew for garage, Tyler for the online sales, Doug Wight separating the garbage/recycling.  Music was great, musicians donated their time.  
  • Golfun event hosted by District 5050 for Polio Plus fund.  August 22 at Homestead.
  • Reminder for a local fundraiser:  The Bellingham Club is starting a new fundraiser event: Croquet Tournament at Hovander Park, Aug 10th, wine and beer, music, lot’s of fun.  Orphalee has agreed to head our first BBRC team of 5 people!
  • Jim Haupt reminded us that there will be an upcoming Rotary fellowship event Aug 21st at Bellwether Hotel.  We will reserve several large tables for an evening of Blues, Brews & BBQ from 6-9 pm, with live music.  Stay tuned.
    Also, this Fall Bellingham Bay Rotary fellowship committee will put on a Harvest Wine Dinner in the Compass room.  If there is enough interest, we could consider the ballroom with music.  I have penciled in October 23.
Membership:  BBRC applicant Jeff Clement has been preliminarily recommended for approval by the board and membership committee, pending comment from our general membership.  Jeff owns Hemisphere Solutions, a local information technology consulting company.  His sponsor is Eddie Hansen and his classification will be IT Consulting. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Bob Moles or Bob Becker.
Bob Moles talked about the organization Days for Girls, started by our member Celeste Mergens.  The organization helps girls gain access to feminine hygiene and awareness, with the goal of keeping girls in school longer, which in turn helps their families and their communities.  Days for Girls now has chapters in 75 counties.  Celeste had a big booth at the Rotary International conference, attracted a lot of interest, and it was in fact voted the top booth at the conference!
Whatcom Community College’s international programs housing coordinator gave a pitch for home-hosting an international student this year.  Most of the students are from the Far East.  All you need is a private room, in a house with a family, located somewhere on the bus line.  Very rewarding for you and your guest.  Share your home and spread the word!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bill Boyd 30 yr wedding anniversary and a trip to Ireland, awesome trip seeing Irish friends who had come to Bellingham a few years ago;
  • Scotty trip to see 94 year old mom in CA, she has a great attitude;
  • Steve B for a great Brewers event, special thanks to Donna and Terry!
  • Jill missed meetings for donated burgers from Brewers;
  • Anna thanks for all the help at the grill on Sunday;
  • Eddie for Brewers, great eight year run so far!
  • Barry for three day fishing trip in CA (with Ron Hardesty);
  • Celeste Mergens birthday bucks and gratitude to this club;
  • Kendall bucks for the new adopted puppy.
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for Sue, Stowe, those who didn’t report for Brewers duty, Scott Walker, Tresha, Paul T, Eddie for noise complaint on the water, Henry, and this-day-in-history trivia.
Dannon introduced Heather Wolf, a local attorney with the firm Brownlie, Evans, Wolf and Lee.  Heather’s practice was primarily in real estate law, but now she also specializing in marijuana law.  I-502 legalization law passed last year in WA.  It allows anyone over 21 to process and privately consume small quantities of marijuana, only on private property. It cannot be in a form attractive to children.  Stores must be stand-alone and licensed.  There are currently only 14 stores in Western WA, two of which are in Bellingham.  Marijuana cannot cross state lines.  It can only be grown by licensed producers, and all start-up investment money has to be from in-state.  Only 106 producer licenses have been issued so far, there is a back-log, understaffing at WA LCB, lack of experience among applicants, and only one testing lab in the state.  You can be ticketed for driving under the influence (based on THC levels).  We might start to see marijuana tourism, but not much to date. Banks are still wary of dealing with marijuana businesses.  
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot